For a variety of reasons squatting is one of those movements that many excuse themselves from. 

‘Bad for the knees! Hurts the back! Not sure how to do it properly so I’ll just use the leg extension machine instead!’

Squatting is a fundamental human movement and resting posture that each and every one of us is born with. Barring severe injury or birth defect, we should all be able to squat until our dying day. 

Before jumping into the squatting movement with kettlebells and other ’stuff’, we will first-off see how your squats looks and feels with an assessment. Don’t worry, this is a movement quality assessment and not a ‘how much can you squat’ assessment. 

What should a squat look like? 

Every persons squat will look slightly different dependant upon their torso and limb lengths but, the rules for a good squat remain the same. 

Let’s list the requisites for a good squat.

Unless you’re a competitive Powerlifter where the technique is tweaked to allow for the most weight to hit a specific depth, these rules apply.

Next, let's have you assess your own squat.

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