What's Ahead

I am keeping this home routine simple to limit barriers. The more to think about, the more likely it won't get done.

The 1 movement introduced each day aims to help you unlock stiff joints and muscles. In addition, each move will help wake the brain and essential postural muscles throughout the body. Do you ever wake up and feel clumsy for a while? Yeah? Well this will help get rid of that too.

Who is this for?

This morning routine is suitable for everyone with the exception to anyone with a current diagnosed injury.

How Much Time:

If you can spend 30 seconds to 1 minute on each movement, that's a winner.

How Hard:

The greatest barrier to exercising you'll agree, is discomfort. For each movement I'll present, you should not strain, or stress. The objective is simply to move as in the videos.


  1. Do not move into pain.
  2. Do not strain or make the moves muscular.
  3. Do not hold your breath.
  4. Aim to breath in and out through the nose throughout each movement.
  5. Meet your body where it is. If the video demonstrates a range of movement you cannot quite achieve, do what you can do.
  6. There is no real 'wrong'. Aim for good, better then betterer!

Aim for good, better then betterer!