The Challenge Outlined

The ​Challenge​ in the program is as simple as just turning up to your place of practice and doing what’s on the agenda. If you’re down for doing sets of 7 squats or presses, you do sets of 7 squats or presses.

The challenge is NOT a beat-down. Now, let’s move on...

Progressive training programs deliver outstanding results, often without too much struggle, strain or risk of injury. Big bang for the buck workouts should make up the bulk of training cycles over the year. Other periods you just turn up, tune in and tick boxes.

This 12 Week Kettlebell Challenge program is built with ​3 four week blocks​, each block focussing on a specific outcome and set-up for the following block. Each session after warming up will last just 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

Often a problem with limited time programs. You either move onto another program focussing on a new goal, have fun with your new-found skills and strengths, take a wee break or jump onto my 12 Week Bodyweight Challenge...

... or repeat the program if you want :-)

Block one

Builds a foundation of functional hypertrophy with the important strength moves. During this phase we also build a strong midsection and lower back. Moderate repetition ranges will be applied.

Block two

The focus is on starting to master the skill of strength. The principle goal is not to get too out of breath but get stronger.

As a secondary component, we do introduce more power movements in this 4 week period too to optimally recruit every muscle - so your fitness want leave you. Lower repetition ranges will be on the menu.

Block three

We take all the skills and strength we’ve developed over the past 8 weeks and let them shine in this 4 week block. Sessions will be a little shorter but you’ll be using the time wisely with explosive routines accompanied by secondary conditioning elements. Expect to breathe lots!

What Movements?

Within each week you’ll work on a specific set of 3 or 4 ‘primary’ movements. These key movements include the:

● Kettlebell Swing

● Clean

● Squat

● Press

● Row

● The Turkish Get Up

As I’ve mentioned before, most of the moves can be carried out with a single kettlebell or two (referred to as Double). You choose according to your experience and skill.

Other ‘secondary’ movements will be a combination of kettlebell moves and bodyweight movements.

For your safety, if any of the proposed movements don’t work for you, you just get in touch and we’ll provide alternatives.

If you want more detailed tips, whys and hows, just ask: ​[email protected]

How Hard?

PRACTICE is a vital component to achieving each blocks challenges. Remember the whole staying within your comfort zone - yeah, that’s kind of important to allow your body to adapt. Just pushing through pain and discomfort will result in sloppy technique and potentially an injury. It’s a good guide to follow to always try to maintain nasal breathing, that is to say, inhale through the nose and exhale either through the mouth or nose. More about nasal breathing can be followed ​here​.



Frequency / timing?

The challenge is designed for 3 kettlebell sessions and a ​4th session​ each week. Each

session is actually quite short, often with two to three sections, to total 20 to 25 minutes. So, including warming up, the ​total time should be roughly 30 minutes​... minimalism is a large design component of this challenge. Practicing skills often for short periods is more successful than prolonged sessions infrequently. I’d love it if frequent short practice became a part of your life. Take a look at your weeks diary and slot in the 4 sessions. These may be consecutive days or split up.

‘Each session is actually quite short at 20 to 30 minutes’ 

What’s with 4th session?

You’ve probably noticed that I wrote ‘3 kettlebells sessions and 4th session’ per week. Yes, this is a kettlebell training program but, results do not come just from the kettlebell / strength training work. Your ability to recover better will unleash your progress.

The 4th session each and every week is simply a 30 - 45 minute aerobic activity. Not hard, just doing an aerobic activity you like that is simple and harmless.

I am going to suggest walking because I love my weekly walks. They help to reset me, to rejuvenate me.

But, you choose an activity that gets your pulse up a little that you enjoy.


I will try to make the terminology clear or explain briefly where I feel the need to. Again, if you need any clarity - just email ​[email protected] 

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