The Rolling Deadbug!

If you've trained with me for a while, you'll be aware of the deadbug. Apart from being a great all-round abdominal (aka 'core') exercise it carries plenty of other neurological benefits.

Anyhoo, the Rolling Deadbug is a lovely progression that requires the skill of tension. At first glance of the video below it might look like I'm just rolling to the side but, trust me, tension is required by the bucket load to prevent from just flopping to the side.

Try it first if you want before reading the key pointers...

... tried it yet?

Yes - cool. How did it go? Please do feel free to make contact with the Comment tab below.

Key pointers:

  1. Tuck chin into neck and look between thighs.
  2. Brace your torso.
  3. Stiffen your arms and legs.
  4. Breathe nasally throughout.
  5. Do not move your limbs as you roll - just master staying tight.
  6. Aim to go as slow as possible.

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