So, we're stuck at home and gyms are shut - Let's get Strong & Useful


Training Program


Do you ever see those people who look like Tarzan but when it comes to them helping you move a fridge they cry off because they’re either weak, saving themselves for their next workout or carrying a wee injury? 

It’s all too common. Looks like Tarzan but is as strong as Pee-wee Herman! 

The process of going to the gym to build strength for a healthy lifestyle in the 21st century is not entirely representative of what our bodies need, or should I say, the manner in which you can build strength ‘today’ is quite different compared to the practices of the past. 

In bygone years, people were strong and lean and useful by default. They had active jobs and lifestyles often out of necessity. They built strength and muscle that was optimal, purposeful and useful. Their lifestyle, the way they used their bodies made them ‘useful’, fit for the life they held.

In this Strong & Useful training program I will take you through a training program you could embrace and use for the rest of your days, and all from the comfort of your own home.

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